Wearing Seat belts during pregnancy

Seatbelts during pregnancy

Wearing Seat belts during pregnancyEveryone, including pregnant women, should wear a seatbelt when riding in a car.When used properly, seat belts help save lives and can lower the chances of you getting badly hurt in a car accident.

In fact, wearing your seat belt while pregnant not only protects the mother, but also the baby.In this article the myth that seat belts can harm the unborn baby will be dispelled, and you will learn the proper way to wear a seat belt when you are pregnant.

The importance of wearing a seat belt while pregnant

Car insurance policy holders who wants to continue driving during the pregnant time is aren’t anything new,as lot of soon-become mom still have to continue their normal commute well in their third trimester.They want to know, can you travel when pregnant?This could involve travelling to and from work, getting in some essential food or purchasing those baby products in preparation for the special new arrival.However, while it is fine to get behind the wheel during pregnancy, there are some tips that should be followed to make sure that both mother and child are kept safe and protected.

All motorists should wear their seatbelts, regardless of if they have a baby bump or not, as this is a road law of the UK.However, when it comes to driving while pregnant, it is not just clicking in a seatbelt that is important.The most comfortable way to wear one of these items for both the mother and baby is to allow the waist strap to rest below the bump, while the shoulder strap should slide effortlessly across the chest.

Right way to wearing a seat belt for pregnant woman

pregnant woman using seatbelt
Dr. Richard Jones, director of the maternal fetal medicine program at Scott & White Hospital in Temple, Texas explains that pregnant women need to be properly wearing seat belts, and he says that the 3-point harness type of belt found in most cars, is best. (See: abcnews.go.com.) And a University of Michigan study (see video above) reported that when pregnant women wear a seat belt regularly, fetal deaths and injuries are reduced by 84%.

No-one wants to be seated uncomfortably when driving a car, with this being more important when a baby bump is involved too.As a result, it is advised that pregnant women make sure they are sitting flat against their seat and at least ten inches away from the steering wheel.The latter point is not only needed to keep the bump hitting the bottom of the wheel, but also so that the mother-to-be is at a safe distance should the air bag deploy.

Of course though, motorists want to make sure that they are not too far back from the air bag that it becomes defunct in the case of a road incident, so it is best to find a comfortable middle ground.Remember though, collisions can be reduced significantly by pregnant women taking some general driving tips, such as refraining from tailgating vehicles in front by following the three-second rule.Don’t forget too that this distance should increase as the road conditions worsen, in a rain storm for example.

What is the proper way to put on a seat belt when pregnant?

  • The shoulder strap (the diagonal one) should be be against the chest and not the neck
  • The shoulder strap should cross between the breasts
  • The lap portion of the belt should be under your abdomen (under the baby bump) and be as low on your hips as possible. (see diagram above)
  • The belt should fit snugly and nothing should obstruct it from retracting freely


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