Mini Portable Washers For Camping and Apartments

Portable WashersMini portable washing machines are great little washers to have in a wide variety of situations.These small countertop washing machines are ideal for small apartments especially when you are not allowed to install a full sized washer.

They’re great for the office too when you need to quickly wash work clothes after a spill or because they need freshening up at the end of the day.

They are perfect as a travel washing machine, you can take them on the road with you in an RV and save space and mini tabletop washing machines are ideal for cabin holidays where washers and dryers may not be available.

Some people really like these for washing small items like lingerie, baby clothing, etc.Which are too small to really justify running the large washing machine but you still need the items washed, and fast.For burp cloths, bibs, stained baby clothes and suchlike which have a fast turnaround time these are also ideal to have on hand and are perhaps a cheaper alternative than running your full sized washing machine all the time.

Small Countertop Washing Machines

A mini tabletop washing machine certainly beats making trips to the laundrette or washing by hand when you’ve better things to do.Tiny portable washing machines like these are ideal for a variety of mobile situations or as a backup machine for small loads or quck washes when you need them.

You still got to get those clothes dry though and in a small apartment, college dorm room, RV camper and other cramped location, this can be something of a nuisance unless you can hang outside which is not always feasible.

The solution to that is to pick the perfect pairing of a mini clothes washer and a mini clothes dryer machine! The little washer and small clothes dryer shown below are a good match for washing clothes at home or on the road when you haven’t a lot of space.

The washer is a mini electric washing machine whilst the dryer is a spin dryer which drains water out of clothing for faster drying times. Both are well rated and reviewed by customers and will suit anyone with regular small washes to do or who lives alone and doesn’t want to make long dull trips to the laundrette.

Recommended Mini Washing Machine

Even The Smallest Electric Clothes Washer Can Pack A Punch

The Wonder WasherGood things really do come in small packages.The Wonder Washer is ideal for small loads and delicates.It has a 7 liter capacity which can handle a surprising amount of clothing and this mini portable washing machine weighs a mere 8 pounds when not loaded which makes it a truly portable clothes washer alternative.

There is no drainage hook up or installation with this item, the machine drains into your sink or a bucket via its outlet hose and no other plumbing is required because you fill it yourself with water when you are ready to use it.

It is relatively quiet, dead easy to use and perfect for washing socks, underwear, baby clothing and other small items as well as a larger item of clothing or two.It certainly beats making early morning trips to the laundromat on your day off and hey, no more shoving quarters into a endlessly hungry machine!

You’ve washed it now dry it with a mini countertop clothes drying machine! This portable clothes dryer is small and light enough to take anywhere but it’ll spin dry your clothing fast making it the ideal companion to the small portable washing machines seen on this page.

Try A Portable Camping Washing Machine

A Manual Clothes Washer For Camping and Outdoor Excursions

The more eco-friendly alternative to the electric small washing machines on this page is a self-powered manual washing machine known as the Wonder Wash.This nifty little device is a totally non-electric human powered washing machine driven by nothing more than your arm power and a little bit of patented magic.

A portable washing machine which isn’t electric powered is ideal for camping trips, RV travel or for anywhere else where you’d rather not be hunting around for an electrical power point.If you want to cut a little bit out of your electric bill and help save the planet by reducing your electric usage then this is also the perfect little washing machine for you too.

Non-Electric Manual Washing Machine

Non-Electric Manual Washing MachineThis is a hand cranked washing machine which uses a patented pressurized system to force the laundry detergent into the clothing to get them washed clean and smelling fresh.

The Wonderwash uses no electricity which makes it ideal for camping trips or other outdoor excursions but also perfect too for washing small frequent loads like baby clothes and reusable washable diapers.

There is no water hook up required, you fil it with water, pressurize it and with a few cranks of the handle you’ve got clean clothes! This mini washer machine is capable of washing a 5lb load of clothing clean, fast.

This is the perfect portable washing machine for camping trips or if you need a caravan washing machine for smal loads of clothing, then again, this makes an ideal travel companion too as no electrical hookup is required.

A WonderWash Video


These tiny countertop washing machines are not designed for everybody or to suit all purposes. If you have a family of five with regular large loads of laundry to do, then you will unlikely to be able to cope by using one of these.

They are best suited to washing small items and delicates or baby clothing and diapers to name a few uses but will also handle a blouse, shirt of pair of jeans thrown in there too.They’re great to use as an emergency clothes washer when you need something cleaned fast, and don’t want to run the full washing machine for one item or wait the whole long cycle either.

If you watched the video review of the WonderWash above then that gives you a pretty good idea of the capacity that machine can handle and it’s actually a surprisingly large amount considering the size of the machine.

So yes, Mini portable washing machines is not for everyone, but they all certainly have their uses and for what they do, they do it great!

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