Learn to Wash and Waterproof a Softshell Jacket

A softshell jacket is usually waterproof to some extent for two reasons.Firstly because the fibres are so close together, and secondly because the surface is treated in DWR (Durable water repellent), which is a chemical coating.A lot of windproof fabrics are softshells, including Gore Windstopper, Schoeller and Polartec soft-shells.

When camping mates begin to wrinkle their nose as you walk by, you know it is time to wash your favorite softshell jacket. 

Sure that grime tells the story of your adventures, but did you know that like hardshells, softshells work best when they are clean.But if you utilize any old detergent off the shelf, you will ruin the breathability and water repellency from the garment.

It does not matter how many large sums of the money you spend  when using a softshell, should you not care for it properly your technical garment can certainly make an excellent seat protection for your car.Though softshells can easily be hand washed, throwing them inside the washing machine won’t hurt them providing you follow the care instructions. 

Many people asking,which is the right time a softshell needs to be washed,and unfortunately there isn’t any good answer.So here are i alyways do, I’ll wash my shells inside the washing machine after taking every long trip; my jackets continue several day hikes and local jaunts before venturing into your laundry basket.
General Softshell Machine Washing Instructions:
  • Empty out all pockets – you would be surprised how many batteries and candy wrappers are in there.
  • Close all hook and loop (AKA velcro) fasteners and pockets.
  • Set washing machine to normal cycle (usually) and use warm water.
  • Add a sport-wash detergent – SEE MORE ON THIS BELOW
  • Allow machine to cycle through and completely rinse
  • Remove the garment from washing machine and dry on low in dryer until the jacket is dry to the touch. Often drying the garment will restore the DWR (durable water repellent finish)


Technical Detergents

During the time of washing the softshells or almost any of technical apparel, it is crutial to use the right(when i mean the right,it’s really,really mean to choose the and the right) laundry detergent.And here are my favorite product for cleaning softshells and many of other types of technical apparel is Nikwax Techwash

The Techwash is really easy to use,you just adding 2 or 3 cap fulls of detergent for the washing machine.Often time after washing a rain coat with techwash and throwing it inside the dryer, the river repellency and also the breathability will likely be restored.

If you are really aren’t able to find a any detergent specifically utilised by waterproof breathable garments,use a natural sort of detergent. Make sure it states around the package thus it doesn’t leave any residue and completely rinses.


Waterproof the Softshell

Waterproof the Softshell

So, you’ve properly cleaned your softshell,you dried it on low,and it also still is not as waterproof mainly because it use to get. It looks like the DWR has worn off. Most DWRs, especially on softshells are hydrophobic fabric treatments that resist fabric saturation and in addition they do wear off with time. Whenever your softshell actually starts to wet out, it’s about time for a treatment.

To reduce it from your clothing and bring a weather resistant finish .You got two options to retreat garment here:good or spray wash in on.First,before using this type of waterproofing agent , make sure that the clothes are constantly being cleaned well with many types of technology detergent.Again,although most companies such as McNett/Revivex and Granger produce treatment softshell,softshell Proof Nikwax very easy to use and very effective .
Directions for a wash-in application using Nikwax Softshell Proof
  1. Place garments is washing machine and fill with warm water
  2. Add entire 10 oz bottle of Nikwax Softshell Proof
  3. Run machine to Warm, heavy, and low water level
  4. Air dry or tumble dry on low

Directions for a spray-on application using Nikwax spray-on Softshell Proof

  1. Hang a clean garment – preferably outside
  2. Hold bottle about 6-inches from the fabric and spray evenly
  3. Wait two minutes and remove any excess drips
  4. Hang to let dry

I use a combination of wash-in and spray-on applications for my technical garments. I usually re-proof them once a year or so with a wash-in. However, if I start to detect leakage at seams or along the shoulder area (where I usually get wetness) I will spray the affected area.

How to Clean Marmot, North Face and Arc’Teryx Jackets
Of the softshells I use, few differ in their laundering and care instructions. Below, I have listed verbatim the care instructions for each of these softshell garments.
Arc’Teryx Venta SV Jacket
  1. Machine wash in warm water or dry clean
  2. Do not use fabric softener
  3. Tumble dry on low heat
  4. Do not iron


Marmot Sharpoint Jacket
  1. Close all fasteners
  2. Machine wash warm
  3. Powdered detergent
  4. No fabric softeners
  5. Do not iron, bleach, or dry clean
  6. Tumble dry low.


  1. Machine wash warm
  2. Tumble dry low
  3. Do not bleach
  4. Do not use fabric softeners
  5. Do not dry clean
  6. Cool iron if needed


The North Face Summit Series Windstopper Jacket
  1. Do not dry clean
  2. Hand or machine wash separately on delicate cycle in warm water
  3. Use mild detergent
  4. Rinse well
  5. Do not bleach
  6. Tumble dry at low heat
  7. Secure all hook and loop closures


Marmot Approach Vest
  1. Machine wash warm
  2. Wash with like colors
  3. Powdered detergent no fabric softeners
  4. Do not iron, bleach, or dry clean
  5. Tumble dry low
  6. Close all fasteners

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