DIY Word Finds – Make Your Own Word Search Puzzles

Custom Word Seek Puzzles On Cards Make Great Gifts

Word finds have been a staple in my family for years. It seems almost everyone from my aunts to my sisters like doing them, especially before laying down for the night.I have been giving word search puzzles as gifts for many years in the form of books, but recently I’ve found an interesting way to incorporate the fun puzzles into a greeting card.

I like to go out and buy the cheaper cards that have nothing on the inside covers, decorate them with custom-made puzzles and make the card into something more than just a greeting card.Most of the time I do everything by hand as it gives them a personalized touch, but you could certainly fix the puzzles on your computer and print them onto the card if you wanted to.They don’t take as long as you might think, and in this post, I’ll show you how I do mine. Enjoy.

Step 1: Decide On Your Word List

What kind of word search do you want to make?

Before doing anything you need to sit down and decide what kind of word find you want to make.Deciding on a theme can be one of the most important steps that some people will overlook at first – which is a mistake.Word themes are endless and can be made up of anything from names of family members to pet nicknames to things you love about that person.

After coming up with a theme, sit down and start making your list of words. Keep in mind that shorter words will allow you to include more words into your puzzles.Greeting cards don’t allow you to make huge puzzles (unless you make a really big card or use extremely tiny print).I usually like to have a list of at least 10-20 words ranging from 3-6 letters long, although there are no set rules to these numbers.

Word Seek T-Shirt

One example of many.

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Word Search Theme Ideas

10 suggestions that will help you create your own word finds.

1-Comic book villains.
2-Famous canines of Hollywood.
3-Crayon colors.
4-Ice cream flavors.
5-Scariest movies ever.
6-Famous people who’s name begins with Q.
7-The world’s most dangerous animals.
8-Plants that are safe to eat in survival situations.
9-The tools of the comic book artist.
10-Spies are so cool.

Step 2: Decide On Size And Number of Letters In Your Puzzle

Word puzzles can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

The size and shape in which your word finds will take will depend upon how big the card is and your imagination.I like to take a pencil an lightly draw the shape I want and then fill that shape full of squares.It’s important to use light pencil marks because you will want to erase them before the final product is made.These squares will be where you put in each individual letter.

I always make the size of the letters according to how well someone can see them.For instance, I make letters a little bigger for people who need reading glasses.Above are a few examples, the only difference being that I have made the lines darker for you to see them better.Remember, that you don’t have to worry about drawing these well as they will be erased.All you’re doing is drawing some guidelines to make sure your letters line up fairly decently.

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Step 3: Put In Your Words and Erase The Pencil Lines

How hard do you want your word seek puzzle to be?

This is the part of the puzzle building process in which you have to decide how hard you want your word finds to be. You can decide to plug in the words going just one way (left to right / like we read), backwards, diagonally, vertically, horizontal, backwards diagonally, etc.I usually make mine fairly easy unless I know that the person likes hard word searches.I write in my letter using a quick-drying fine-tip permanent marker, at first only putting in the words on my list, trying not to clump them all together.

Don’t worry if you find that you can’t fit all your words in; most of the time I can’t either.Try to take advantage of word overlap as well. After you get all the words in that you can, fill in the rest of the squares with miscellaneous letters and erase the pencil lines when finished.Don’t forget to put the list of words somewhere on the card as well.You should even have enough room left to put in a little message or a drawing if you want.

That’s all there is to it! – (Find Ein in Hobbies)
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