Yamaha A-S300 Integrated Stereo Amplifier

There are fewer home stereo amplifiers in this class. Designed and built with the highest quality, the Yamaha A-S300 Integrated Stereo Amplifier offers clean sound for your listening pleasure. Prepare for home listening at a higher level of fidelity.

The new A-S300 integrated amplifier would make a great amp for a starter hifi system or a secondary room. Small on price but big on features and build quality, the amplifier boasts a power output of 2 x 60W RMS which will confidently drive bookshelf and floorstanding speakers in a normal domestic environment to high levels.

An iPod dock connector on the rear allows all of the Yamaha iPod docks to work flawlessly with your iPod, and also gives an independent power supply to the rest of the amplifier, for maximum noise immunity.

Unique on-board phono input (moving magnet compatible), you can even connect your turntable and enjoy that unmistakable warmth and lush sound from your cherished LP records.

High grade speaker terminals have silver plating for best connection and outstanding durability. The pitch between jacks is wider for easier insertion. Dual aluminium-extruded heat sinks ensure effective heat dissipation and help achieve crisp, clean sound.

The iPod dock has an independent power supply to prevent operating or charging current from the iPod from flowing into the amp ground signal. This ensures optimum iPod sound quality.


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