Wood Chipper 3 point attachment Tractor PTO 4″x10″ Automatic Tree Brush BX42

When conducting a tree removal operation due to windfall, rot, or landscaping preferences, processing excess timber can be a challenge. With the Titan BX42 PTO 4” x 10” Wood Chipper, you can handle this step in the process with ease. This heavy-duty wood chipper accepts entire trees in pieces up to 4” in diameter. It integrates with the 3-point hitch system and PTO on your tractor for simple transport, operation, and storage. Additionally, this chipper has a hinged feed chute that can be removed to make it more compact when not in use.

This chipper features a fully adjustable exit chute. Since you can direct the path of the chips as they exit the machine, the operation of this machine is safer, easier, and cleaner. You’ll find yourself with less of a mess at the clean-up stage. With its oversized rotor, reversible blades, and integrated air vents, this chipper provides efficient wood processing with an operational RPM rate of 540–1000. The rotor itself has a diameter of 25”, is ½” thick, and weighs 75 lbs.

The blades on the rotor work to eliminate wood that can block or clog the chipper. This machine is recommended for use with tractors up to 40HP and works with most models from major brands It doesn’t matter if you need to process trees, brush, or foliage for disposal, break them down for fire kindling, or produce wood chips for landscape and gardening filler.

This wood chipper helps you get the job done with ease, leaving no work unfinished. At Titan, our first priority is to give our customers the service they deserve. We’ve also made communication a key concept. If you have questions or concerns along the way, we want to know so that we can help you have the best possible experience.

You can trust our team of experts because they work around the clock to ensure your work can go on without a hitch. Order from Titan when you have to replace lawn mower, tractor, or other machine parts.


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