Underhill T-400 Tracker Traveling Adjustable Speed Control Irrigation Machine

The Tracker T-400 allows you to economically irrigate large areas from 3/4 acre to 2 acres where an underground irrigation system would be too costly or impractical. Ideal for athletic fields, cemeteries or any other large area with a water supply.

This unit can irrigate an entire football field in just two passes! Operation: Unit is powered by water to pull itself along a nylon cable. Tracker automatically shuts down when it reaches the cable’s end. Simply position the unit where you want to begin irrigating and connect the Tracker to the water supply with a heavy-duty 1-inch I.D. hose.

Unroll and anchor the nylon cable to the end point, set the speed control (which controls the application rate) and turn on the water.

Requires at least 9 gpm at 50 p.s.i., which is typically available from a 1-inch or larger pipeline. Larger areas may require up to 15 gpm at 85 p.s.i. As a guideline, this unit can typically irrigate about 2/3 acre in eight hours.

Features: The Tracker can pull up to 360 ft. of hose, allowing for a maximum irrigation length of 400 ft. Full- or part-circle sprinkler with a No. 6 (8.8-gpm) and a No. 7 (15-gpm) nozzle for varying watering requirements.

Includes a galvanized anchor stake, 360 ft. of nylon cable and 1-inch brass quick couplers (for hose). 22-inchHx33-inchLx22-inchW. Weighs 80 lbs. Made in Germany.

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