How to Turn Your Basement into an Indoor Garden

From Basement into an Indoor Garden

Turning your basement into an indoor garden can be a lot of fun to do.You can have your own vegetable garden and your own plants in your basement.First you will need to plan out your garden layout. You will want to take some paper and determine how you will be arranging your flowers.

The best thing to do and most affordable is start with seeds.You will want to get plenty of pots, the right kid of dirt, and of course all of your tools.You will need to also get the right type of light to help your plants grow.

Since you will be growing items in your basement you will want to make sure that you have lighting to encourage growth.Usually you will find the right lights at your local home store, and even where the plants are sold.Don’t be afraid to ask which types of plants will work best for indoor plants.

Indoor GardenOnce you have purchased all of you equipment and seeds you will want to start planting.Place the pots in your basement directly under the light.Be sure to follow the direction on the light as well.If you are doing vegetables you will want to make sure you still treat the dirt for bugs.You may think that just because the plants are inside it will be impossible for bugs to get inside.Basements have plenty of cracks and holes where bugs can get in and try to eat your vegetable plants as they start growing.

>> You also can make and place your own aquaponics garden in the basement: Learn it here..

other indoor gardenJust because you are making your basement into an indoor garden does not mean that it is not useable.Most of the plants will only need the light to be on for a maximum of six hours.This can be while you are away at  work.When you return home, you can turn the lights off and enjoy the use of your basement surrounded by your fresh plants.

Try putting down regular outdoor carpeting, and some outdoor furniture.If you don’t have a lot of money to spend why not visit your local thrift store, and purchase used pots, and garden supplies.You will be surprised at how many items you can find at your local thrift store.

Turn Your Basement into an Indoor Garden And Relaxing Place

The general idea is to make your indoor garden area a comfortable and relaxing one.Not everyone has the options of having an outdoor garden, but you can actually create one indoors.It is also nice to barbecue outside and bring it in the basement to have a nice indoor picnic surrounded by your plants.

Why Growing Gardens Indoors is Best

One good reason that people grow gardens inside is because of bugs.When left outdoors, your garden can experience many different problems.Perhaps the neighbors dog comes over and pees in your garden while you are at work. You never know what goes on in your garden, unless you film it.

Bugs can get into your garden and start to eat all of your fruits and vegetables.Many different things are ruined by different bugs such as earwigs, beetles and other insects.Not to mention it’s not pleasant to find bugs in your fruits and veggies before you eat them (such as grapes).If you grow these fruits and vegetables indoors you know what you are eating.

Sometimes we worry about chemicals and harmful things being on our food.How do we know that the neighbor spraying his lawn with pesticides will not float over to our gardens? We can’t see what goes on in our gardens most of the time and many things are possible.Many different animals are attracted to fruits and veggies.Would you leave your watermelon outside for a couple of days before we finally eat it? Perhaps we would if it was a whole watermelon but what about your grapes or tomatos?

Basement vegetable garden

Having a garden indoors is great because it’s easy.We can water the garden at any time through out the day.You are probably going to water an indoor garden more often than you would an outdoor garden.When you come home from a stressful day of work you will be more apt to water your indoor vegetable garden than your outdoor garden.You will not have to drag the hose around or stand there for a half an hour watering. You can also keep an eye on the garden to see what is going on. You wont need to worry about bugs or pesticides.

You will also be able to have fresh food all the time.Indoor gardens will usually continue to grow and you can snip off pieces of what you need when you need it, without wasting an entire fruit or vegetable such as lettuce.Indoor gardens are easier to take care of.You can purchase the Aero Garden and keep several of them in your home.With your garden being indoors, you will see the fruits and vegetables that are ripe before they fall on the ground and rot.

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