Top 5 Ways to Remove a New Car Smell

5 Ways to Remove a New Car Smell

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Buying a new car is a dream come true.It is also a great achievement.Unfortunately, what comes along with a new car, is the new smell.Even though the scent is pleasant, it is very toxic.Inhaling the new smell, can cause respiratory problems.Here are some ways to get rid of the new smell:

Tip #1
-Put vinegar and water in a container.Punch a few holes at the top of the container.Then, sit it in the car.

Tip #2
-Leave the car in the hot sun.Be sure the windows are open an inch or two.Another option is to leave the heat on, for a few hours.

Tip #3
-Keep the vent in your car on fresh air rather than re-circulate.This is another way to get rid of that smell.

Tip #4
-Cut lemon pieces and place them inside the car.They will give off a fruity inside the car.

Some Best air purify for you car

Tip #5
-When driving, roll down the windows from time to time.

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