Tempo Prodigy Violin Case with Climate Control and GPS Tracking Technology

The Prodigy Violin Case automatically controls its own internal temperature and humidity levels using advanced electronics and digital sensors. The Prodigy case has a fully-integrated, hidden GPS tracking system with motion sensors. An exterior waterproof LCD screen displays the internal temperature, humidity, active climate control mode, battery level and important safety messages.

The Prodigy case comes with a FREE app for smart phones and tablets that lets you see your instrument’s real-time location within a few feet, and its location history using interactive satellite maps. You can also log into your Tempo Tracking account from any computer. You can change your alert settings and change tracking modes from any mobile device or computer.

If you leave your instrument backstage or at home, you can turn on Motion Alerts right from your smart phone and your case will notify you if anyone moves it without your knowledge. It will then automatically report its location as it moves so you can follow it. The Prodigy case also sends you important safety alerts by text message and email. For example, if your case is in a location that is so dangerously hot that it can no longer cool the interior to a temperature that is safe for your instrument, it will notify you that you should move it to a cooler location.

You can draw Geofence boundaries around areas on the map that your instrument shouldn’t leave or enter and your case will notify you if it crosses any of those boundaries. You can also add multiple contacts for any alert. The Prodigy case is waterproof and airtight, and it has specialized hinges that hold the lid open at any angle.

A proprietary alloy hard shell exterior provides maximum protection against impact. An adjustable suspension system and lush velvet fabrics provides an extremely soft, secure and protective cradle for your instrument.

Custom suede bow holders gently and securely suspend your bows using rare earth magnets and Velcro.


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