How To Take Care Of Your Heating and Air Conditioning System

Save Money By Doing Your HVAC Maintenance

Heating and Air Conditioning systems are needed in most areas of the world.This is because every part of the world gets to experience an extreme weather at some time in the year.Extreme weather often requires heating and air conditioning.

This system is responsible for maintaining a comfortable temperature in your house or work place.Nearly everyone has a heating and air conditioning system installed, whether it’s outdoor or indoor, we all have them.Even with its popularity and demand many of us are oblivious about its maintenance.

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Often people will never bother servicing it and eventually they will end up paying a high amount on repairs.However, this article will tell you exactly how you can take care of your heating and air conditioning system and eliminate a costly Heating and Air Conditioning Repair.

Change Your Air Filters Every 30 to 45 Days

take care air conditioning systemFilter Grille In order to ensure the best peak performance by your heating and air conditioning system, you will need to change or clean its filters every 30 to 45 days as needed.When a Heating and Air Conditioning system operates, it attracts dust.This dust accumulates on the filters, causing it to lower the efficiency of the system.

Therefore if your filter is dirty, then you will notice that your system is not working as well as it was designed to.Thus, regularly check the filters and replace them as needed.

Outdoor Clean Up

The area around your outside air conditioning unit must be kept clear at all times.Notice that there are vents around the sides of the air conditioner.Those vents need to remain clear and unblocked, or the air conditioning system can be affected negatively.

If you have plants growing around the air conditioner, make sure there is enough space between the plants and the air conditioner so the vents can properly release and draw in air.Do not let these plants overgrow or they will negatively affect your air conditioner.Anything else that could block the vents should be moved as well.

Have Your System Inspected

It is also recommended to have your system inspected twice a year by a heating and air conditioning contractor this also complies with most of your manufacture warranties.It is best to have them inspected once in spring for air conditioning and once in fall for heating.Most companies offer yearly maintenance contracts for this purpose.If you need HVAC service Raleigh NC & surrounding areas Give us a call.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

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