Self-Driving Cars for Business

Self-Driving Cars for Business: The Possibilities of Mobile Offices and Efficient Messengers

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With Google now trying to convince us that their self-driving cars are the next big wave in technology, you can still imagine the positives beyond having a panic attack riding in one.While it’s too challenging for some people to think artificial intelligence is really that intelligent when dealing with the complexities of traffic, it’s not stopping others from pushing forward this technology.

There may be hope that they can perfect what perhaps Google won’t on giving people complete assurance when driving in a self-driving car.For a car that intends to become a mobile office, they’ll have to assure an even more solid layer of confidence.

For those that think Google dominates everything, you should know others are working on self-driving cars, including a company called Regus.The latter company has created a self-driving car called XchangE that happens to be an above-mentioned mobile office.With a demonstration recently in Europe, the hope is that it’s going to bring the workplace to a new level of productivity beyond just telecommuting from home. Now your employees can technically be on the go while having a complete office center right in the car.

If you can imagine it, the front seats will swivel so those sitting there can confer with passengers sitting in the back. The interior can basically be turned into a complete office with all the technology required to get work done while traveling.This includes Wi-Fi capability, laptops, mobile devices, and other tech that allows a team of employees to put together presentations.

This might excite a lot of weary business travelers who can’t do anything overly productive in their cars before getting home or to their hotel rooms.But seeing demonstration pictures and reality are two different things.Would these really be the offices of the future, or would it be too much of a distraction for those anxious about what the AI driving the car might do.

Thinking Differently About Riding in a Car

The main hurdle here is being able to work in a car after multiple generations of our minds being used to sitting in a certain way in cars.Some may find it a bit unsettling to be in a self-driving car in the first place, let alone swiveling their front seats around so traffic up ahead is literally to their backs.How many people wouldn’t constantly feel a sense of panic wondering what’s coming up the road without feeling like they’re sitting in a strange nightmare?

Then there’s the issue of safety in the event the car actually does get in an accident.Would there be sufficient airbags from the front and from the back of the seats in the event of a collision while using the office facilities? There may even have to be heart monitors on board when the car is driving at 70 mph down a major freeway while everyone communes on an important business matter.

All of the above could easily be overcome after several years of successful use.The problem is going to be changing the perceptions of people than perhaps the technology itself.Then again, there may always be a little bit of panic while riding in an XchangE or a Google car that something dangerous could potentially happen.

The headaches of wondering who’s really going to be blamed in such an accident scenario may weigh too heavily on passengers trying to relax and work in a self-driving car.For a business messenger using such a car, it may bring the same feelings.

At the very least, we’ll have to hope self-driving cars have the ability for the passengers to take control of the car themselves if they don’t feel comfortable or sense something is amiss.In that regard, we may finally realize the human mind has a sense of intuitive awareness artificial intelligence will likely never have.

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