Raw Food Diet

Raw Food for DietRaw food diet is catching on with people of all ages across several countries in a big way.Before we go on to what are the different kinds of foods that can be considered raw foods, and that what the advantage of such foods are, an understanding of what raw food actually means, is very important.

Raw food, as the name itself suggests, is food that is eaten raw, or uncooked.Several food theorists believe that essential nutrients are destroyed when some foods are cooked, and hence they must be consumed in their original form to retain all the nutrients that they have to offer.

Apart from that, there is another definition of raw food that indicates that raw food is also called ‘living food’.This primarily means that in such foods, the enzymes are active, that is to say, they are still fully functional as far as their duties are concerned.Such foods are eaten because of the wider range of health benefits they have to offer because of their active enzymes.Advantages of such kind of foods are numerous and varied.

Here are some of them:

• Weight loss – with the number of obese people across the globe increasing, these foods are consumed keeping in mind such concern.Raw foods have been known to control weight gain to quite an extent.

• Healthy lifestyle – it is a common belief that raw foods go a long way in enhancing the health of an individual.In fact, they have also been proven useful to animals like cats and dogs, though their digestive systems are very different from those of human beings.

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Also, the raw foodists, among themselves, are divided into two basic categories.The first among these are the ‘living foodists’.They, as mentioned earlier eat those foods that have their enzymes still active.These include sprouted seeds and nuts. Another such category is called the ‘juicarians’.All the food that they consume is that made out of home made juices.

The main diet of raw foodists consists of, apart from the items mentioned above, raw fruits, raw vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds.Some such foodists also prefer having their milk non-pasteurized.

Since pasteurizing is essentially boiling milk to kill its bacteria, which die only at extremes of temperatures, they do not go down very well with the practices of the raw foodists.

Hence, the non-pasteurized milk that they must consume must be fresh so as not to infect the consumer with the bacteria they contain.

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