Radenso Pro SE Radar & Laser Detector

Our longest range Radenso Pro SE radar detector is the most sensitive, windshield mounted radar detector in the world delivering unmatched performance with the longest radar detection range on K and Ka band.

We believe that a radar detector can never be too sensitive especially when traveling on curvy hilly roads where the extra sensitivity and extreme off-axis performance can make the difference between a ticket or a save.Compare it with ANY available windshield mounted radar detector and your conclusion will simply be “WOW”.

Due to its extremely small size it is the perfect detector for any low rise car like sports cars or convertibles. Think twice before you clutter your windshield with a refrigerator-sized radar detector! The Radenso Pro SE is coming with the same features as the Radenso Pro but delivering an astonishing 4 dbm more sensitivity on K and Ka band resulting in twice the sensitivity thanks to a powerful LNA that we placed in front of the horn antenna.

Like the Radenso Pro, the SE version comes in the world’s smallest package and is equipped with all bells and whistles. No other detector delivers the same price to performance ratio.


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