Quantum Qflash TRIO Canon (QF8C)

10,000+ Non-Stop-Flashes all day, every day. Smaller, lighter and more powerful at 80 watt-seconds than other shoe-mount flashes, the new Qflash TRIO delivers the light quality and ruggedness others can’t match. TRIO is dedicated to Canon and Nikon TTL systems. Auto focus assist, High Speed Sync , more power , shoe-mounted TRIO produces studio-quality light from a parabolic reflector.

TRIO ruggedness lets you shoot full power every second, for as long as you need. Qflash flashtubes have been tested to 250,000 continuous full power flashes in a 1400 hour test and they are user replaceable.

TRIO has wireless TTL control with a built-in FreeXwire transceiver, send dedicated iTTL (Nikon) or ETTL II (Canon) information 600-Feet to remote digital Qflashes.

No external radios required. FreeXwire radio is not prone to line-of-sight interruption.

TRIO coordinates the Qflash system for your studio and location lighting, wirelessly change settings of remote Qflashes. Shoot TTL, Auto, Auto-fill, or Manual.

Runs on Turbo rechargeable power – no need for AC mains.



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