Pressure Positive Co. The Backnobber II

The Original Backnobber II tool is a deep muscle, massage device that provides a way for people to manage simple muscular pain and tension both on their own and in conjunction with professional treatment and therapy.

Made of a highly durable, polymer/fiberglass composite, molded in the shape of an “S,” The Backnobber II device can be hooked over the shoulder or under the arm so that one of the two ends can be pressed into any of the muscles of the neck or shoulders, back, hips and hamstrings. The Backnobber II tools natural shape and dimensions allow the user to apply as much pain-releasing pressure for as long as required to achieve its remarkable effects.

The Original Backnobber II device is designed to be used comfortably by both large and smaller persons. It is also equipped with a locking mechanism that allows it to be taken apart for convenient storage or travel.

It will easily fit into a normal size briefcase or overnight bag.

It is ideal for travelers, sports enthusiasts and others on the go.

Included with each Original Backnobber II is a fully illustrated 35 page User Guide complete with stretching and strengthening exercises.

• Tool used to help relieve pain from muscle aches and tension

• S shape tool allows you to reach areas of back, neck, shoulders and other areas to manage muscle pain.

• This tool has a break down feature to come apart so you can put in briefcase, gym bag, or take it when traveling.

• 35 page user guide included to show all the uses of the tool and detailed diagrams for use.

• Four colors available



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