Powermatic 1792001K PM2000, 3HP 1PH Table Saw

The award winning Powermatic 1792001K PM2000 Three-Horsepower, One-Phase Table Saw with Accu-Fence System and Rout-R-Lift sets a new standard for innovation with an array of patented features and massive body design. Years of input from woodworkers helped focus the features that make the PM2000 the new standard by which cabinet saws are judged.

Advanced Trunnion Mechanism
Though Powermatic’s trunnion mechanism has long been regarded as the best in the industry, their designers further refined it. The rigid, box-style cast-iron construction, high-end bearings, and conical-shaped worm gear drive with increased contact area combine with the smooth, solid feel of the tilt and height adjustments. Also the adjustable backlash means users can easily adjust the mechanism back to factory-fresh clearances and feel.

Easy Adjustments and Mobility
Two oversize, eight-inch-diameter cast-iron handwheels, each with a large spinner handle, make blade height and bevel adjustments almost effortless, while a quick-release riving knife greatly reduces binding/kickback risk. Also, a built-in, retractable-caster system (patent pending) provides mobility, and a push-button arbor lock (patent pending) ensures rapid blade changes.

Durable Construction and Vibration-Free Performance
The PM2000 is built to last. Fabricated from heavy-gauge steel, its cabinet is fitted to a huge cast-iron base (the heaviest in its class) that provides exceptional stability and virtually eliminates vibration. Also, the full-length 5/8-inch-diameter arbor is precision machined from stress-proof steel to exceptionally high tolerances for accuracy.

The specially designed arbor threads eliminate the dip between them and the shaft that can allow thin dado chippers to hang out of alignment with the rest of the stack. To keep operation quieter and smoother, a poly-V drive-belt system transfers power from the motor to the arbor with virtually no vibration and less heat build-up.

Tackles the Big Jobs
Large workpieces aren’t a problem with the 22- x 30-1/2-inch (W x D) primary cast-iron table surface, which expands to 42 inches long. All cast-iron surfaces are finely ground to ensure a smooth, mar-free work surface that provides more support for the big jobs. And a front- and rear-edge bevel prevents catching of the miter gauge on the table edge.

Also, the push-button arbor lock is accessible from above the tabletop, eliminating the need for dual arbor wrenches, while a melamine-surface extension table gives you even more room to work.

Power and Precision
The PM2000 is powered by a three-horsepower, one-phase motor controlled by a newly designed magnetic on/off switch that allows disabling of the machine when not in use, and protects against accidental start-ups caused by power fluctuations.

This machine also comes equipped with an industrial-duty Accu-Fence system for accurate cuts, and a heavy-duty, deluxe, micro-adjust miter gauge with aluminum-extruded 13-inch extension fence for dependable workpiece support and fine angle adjustments.

Dust Collection
For a healthier, cleaner work environment, a dust shroud encloses much of the blade below the table, and a quick release hose connects the shroud to a standard four-inch-diameter port on the rear of the cabinet.

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