Patriot CSV-3100B Chipper Shredder Review

A woodchipper is solely designed for one thing and one thing only to transform wood into small woodchips.Typically they are designed to process tree trunks, leaves, and branches.Woodchippers are common in the agricultural industry for land maintenance and are also often commonly used to clean up after a storm.

A tree shredder is comprised of many distinct parts, including a hopper, collar, chipper and a collection bin to make it easy to transport the wood chips. The wood is fed into the hopper, which acts as a safety mechanism to prevent serious injury to the operator. The wood is then transformed by the internal chipping system and the chips are then directed through a chute and into the collection bin.

Tree shredders are typically powered by a combustion engine, but electric versions are becoming more common, such as the fantastic Patriot CSV-2515,which is in a class all by itself.

Shredders can be used for a variety of industries and their usage and applications are quite diverse,  such as for: arborists, landscape contractors, logging firms, rental stores, city workers, construction companies, just to name a few.

There are three types of woodchippers:

  1. High Torque Roller, which are electric powered, quiet and low-speed.
  2. Drum, which are driven by a motor-powered drum. The drum is situated parallel to the hopper and spins towards the output chute. These machines are extremely fast, noisy and dangerous. And because of the direct connection between the drum and engine, large materials can stall the engine while getting firmly stuck in the drum. In other words, this is not the type of woodchipper for homeowners.
  3. Disk, is based on technology that was created in 1922. In disc woodchippers, the wood is moved from the hopper by hydraulic wheels that draw the material toward the spinning disk (with attached blades). These blades are what cut the material into chips, which are then pushed out of the chute via drum flanges. Disk woodchippers are commonly used by tree care companies.

The Patriot CSV-3100B

When it comes to lawn and garden machines, there’s no substitute for power, and the Patriot CSV-3100B has plenty of it.With its big Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine, the Patriot puts out a hefty 10 horsepower.To put that in perspective, many small riding mowers only require 10 horsepower to carry you around the yard while you’re cutting the grass.Until you step up to a tow-along chipper shredder, the CSV-3100B is about as big as you can get. What does all that power get you?

This is a professional grade shredder made to quickly make mulch from any yard debris you toss inside, allowing you to work more efficiently without having to wait for the machine to catch up with you. With this unit you’ll have trouble keeping up with it.

If you have a large yard, a farm or you’re a commercial property owner then this is a great choice to take care of all of your yard debris. Built with many great features, such as: Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine, side chute, and overhead valve design for greater efficiency and cooler operation, to name a few. This is also quieter than most gas shredders due to its lo-tone muffler, and if you’re oil is running low this unit will let you know to prevent engine damage.

More Power Means Faster Feed Rates

Patriot CSV-3100B


Patriot CSV-3100B

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Patriot CSV-3100B

This shredder was awarded top honors by the National Home Gardening Club, the editors of Consumers Digest magazine and the members of the Handyman Club of America.

The maximum size of branches of branches you can chip isn’t all that much bigger than the 6.5 horse Patriot Chipper Shredder or its close competitors like the Earthquake 14267.The CSV-3100B will handle a 3” diameter branch, only about ½” bigger than some much smaller models. But that’s only half the story.

It’s the feed rate that gets a big boost from that extra horsepower. A 10 horsepower chipper won’t labor over branches like a smaller unit will; it will devour them.If you need a chipper shredder for big yard, farm, or orchard cleanup, you’ll have to spend hours feeding in branches if you have an underpowered unit.10 horsepower will shred even the stringiest yard and garden waste without either you or the unit breaking a sweat.

Features And Benefits

  • Big 10 horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine
  • Patented direct drive system avoids slipping pulleys that rob power and need replacing
  • Large diameter wheels for easier moving
  • Super Lo-Tone muffler is quieter than even smaller machines
  • Solid steel Y-hammer flails mince leaves and twigs to 1/20 of their original volume
  • Twin steel cutters for balanced chipping
  • Easy to remove cutters and flails make sharpening and maintenance easy
  • Operator actuated throttle allows user to power down the unit when idling to save gas and have quieter operation
  • Chipped and shredded waste can be blown into supplied collection bag or directly onto ground or mulch pile
  • Uses regular unleaded gas
  • Made in the USA


If you’ve got a big yard or are a professional landscaper that needs a reliable and durable unit, with the power to get even demanding yard cleanups done fast, then the CSV-3100B is for you. Like all Patriot models, the CSV-3100B has all metal moving parts for durability.

It’s got a four-cycle engine, so there’s no tedious mixing of lubricating oil into the gas like smaller, homeowner style yard equipment. The engine burns cleanly enough to meet California’s exacting CARB requirements for exhaust, so you can buy it and use it anywhere.

Remember, Bigger, Quality Machines Weigh A Lot More

One thing to keep in mind: A big unit like the CSV-3100B weighs quite a bit more than smaller units.The 10 horse Patriot weighs in at  140 pounds, which is over forty pounds more than the CSV-3065B.With a shipping weight of 180 pounds, even two men might have difficulty picking up the CSV-3100B to place it in the bed of a pickup.

The CSV-3100B is competitively priced with other machines in its class, and it has a great reputation for durability and power. Read Amazon Customer Reviews of the Patriot CSV-3100B here.

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