NORLANYA Photon Therapy Facial Salon Skin Care Treatment Machine

NORLANYA Branded Photon Therapy Beauty Light System is an advanced photon-rejuvenation therapy machine. Now available with Red, Blue and Yellow photon-rejuvenation therapy. Most older models will only perform Red and Blue photon-rejuvenation therapy. It helps reduce wrinkles, spots, fine lines, reduces inflammation, fights Pimples, reduces scars. It also helps with skin/cell repair, and more than that! FOR USE ANYWHERE ON THE BODY.

There are 5 working modes in the system: Red, Blue, Yellow, Program 1 and Program 2.

Red Light (5-20 minutes): Penetrate skin deep tissue to increase micro circulation, activate skin cell, stimulate collagen production, stimulate metanolism and cell regeneration, improve fine wrinkles, shrink pore, recover skin flexibility, improve dark complexion and make skin soft, moist and smooth.

Blue Light (5-20 minutes): Destroy the living environment of bacillus, diminish inflammation, sterilization, remove pimples, blemish and scar, improve scar, relax skin, oil controlled, improve sensitive skin and skin rashes.

Yellow Light (5-20 minutes): Intensify function of muscle and immunologic system, improve sensitive skin and skin balance, effectively improve micro circulation, adjust cytoactive, inhibit growth of melanin, reduce pigment and remove freckle.

Program 1 is for daily care in spring and summer. (10 minutes: Yellow light 3 minutes, red light 3 minutes and blue light 4 minutes)

Program 2 is for daily use in autumn and winter. (8 minutes: Yellow light 4 minutes, red light 4 minutes)

There are totally 420 pieces of LED lamps in the system, supplying good energy output during treatment.

★ 420 pcs of LEDs in total.
★ 135 LEDs for red light, 135 LEDs for yellow light and 150 LEDs for blue light.
​★ Red, Blue, Yellow light: Light delivers monochromatically.
★ Program 1: Lights deliver orderly. Yellow light 3 minutes + red light 3 minutes + blue light 4 minutes.
★ Program 2: Lights deliver orderly. Yellow light 4 minutes + red light 4 minutes.
★ 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes optional for monochronmatic lights.
★ Output Power: 25W.

• Stimulates collagen production which smoothes fine lines and wrinkles; Reduces pore size, scars, hyperpigmentation and age spot; Increase skin elasticity and improve circulation.

• Wavelengths: Red Light (630nm), Blue Light (470nm), and Yellow Light (590nm).

• Output Power: 25W – 420 LEDs total – 135 LEDs for red light, 135 LEDs for yellow light and 150 LEDs for blue light.

• Foldable: do treatment on whole face and neck; can be used on body. Heigh: 7cm(when it is folded)-45cm(when it is unfolded); Treatment size: 35cm*21cm.

• NORLANYA branded (trade mark on machine and package) – Good quality product, 1 year warranty, guaranteed strong light and results.


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