The Necessities of Driving – Comfortably!

Car shopping doesn’t have to be so difficult.Each model has the standard four wheels, headlights, brakes, seats, seatbelts, etc.Everything you really need is available, so why complicate life by adding accessories you “must have”?

Necessities of Driving

I’ll Never Forget My First Time

I remember when I first got my license.I was the happiest girl on earth, but I didn’t have a car.Borrowing my parents’ car to hang out was like taking a lie detector test.I would have to answer questions about where I wanted to go and why I didn’t just let my parents take me.

Saving up for my first car was a learning experience.At first I was desperate.I just wanted anything that had four wheels. With time, I started to envision my first car with all the little perks: I wanted a simple white sedan with a radio, A/C and heat.That’s all I really “needed,” and pretty much what I got for $1,200.The guy was “nice” enough to take off $200, because I was going to use it for work and school.Back then I thought this man was being nice, little did I know I had a lemon in my possession.

Searching for the Right Match

Looking back at my first experience with purchasing a vehicle, I noticed some things never really change. When I went to purchase my second car, I knew there were certain things I needed this time around. Reliability was one; second was a radio, A/C and heat.

The car salesman had asked if I wanted a model with a sunroof…I said no.Why would I want the sun beaming on my head?He asked if I wanted leather interior.I shook my head. In the summer the seats would be too hot to sit in, in the winter they’d be too cold.Give me cloth.I love cloth!

Get a model with GPS, he said. For what? I have one on my phone.

The only thing I “upgraded” from in my 2010 Honda Accord LX was to a CD player. My ’94 model just had the original Honda cassette player, which I loved!

Now, I barely use the radio or listen to CDs.My mind is focused on getting from point A to point B, just the way Henry Ford intended.

The Necessities of Driving

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