Namco Pac-Man Battle Royale 4-Player Cocktail Cabinet

Enjoy an old favorite like never before with Namcos Pac-Man Battle Royale! This new version of Pac-Man pits 4 players against each other in a pellet eating free-for-all. Gobble up power pellets to grow in size and eat the competition.

The last player standing wins! But, be careful! Eating all of the pellets or chowing down on a piece of fruit resets the match. At the end of the game, fun statistics are displayed such as Won Most Rounds or Ate Most Namcos bright yellow cabinet boasts a wide panel screen with classic joystick controls. Challenge your friends and get addicted to Namcos Pac-Man Battle Royale!

• Dimensions: 35in W x 45in L x 90in H / Weight: 395 lbs.
• The First 4-Player Competitive Pac-Man Game! – Eat Power Pellets and Grow in Size to Gobble Up Your Opponents for the Win!
• Features a Bright 32in LCD Monitor
• Control Your Pac-Man with Classic Joysticks Just Like the Original!
• Displays Statistics Such as Won the Most Rounds or Ate the Most Pac-Man at the End of Each Round


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