Let’s make coffee table from steel pipes

DIY – How To Make Steel Pipe Coffee Table

How To Make Coffee Table From Steel Pipes

Today we’re going to make an Iron bound coffee table, here’s what you need to get started… the legs of the coffee table are made from three-quarter inch diameter black iron pipe, the top is made from three pieces of two x 84 feet long a one and a half inch angle iron is used to bind pieces of wood together.

Measure and start start make the steel pipe coffee table

I measured a piece of angle iron that is as long as the three boards are wide, i clamped the angle iron to a workstation so that can cut it securely with my ryobi angle grinder.I used the first piece that I cut to measure the second piece, you can find detailed instructions for this project including all the pieces of pipe that I used on my website.

I’ve placed the angle iron on the edge of the three boards and then use the pencil to draw a line across the boards, I then use the two pieces of angle iron to adjust the height of the blade on my circular saw so that the blade depth is the same as the thickness of the angle iron.

Smoothing down the angle of steel pipe coffee table

And then use the circular saw to cut a series of grooves into the edge of the board that will allow me to recess the angle iron, I used a hammer and chisel to scrape away the extra pieces of wood and an orbital sander to smooth down the recess so the angle iron will fit perfectly.

A speed square and a clamp are helpful for setting an edge to make sure that you don’t cut too far into the wood.. I used my orbital sander to sand all the boards down with 220 grit sandpaper and then laid out the tabletop and Mark the location of the screw hole.

A clamp to angle iron down to my work surface and use cutting oil where, I was planning on drilling through the metal now.I walk the screw heads to sit flush with the surface of the metal.I countersunk them by switching to a larger drill bit and drilling part of the way through thickness of the metal, I then used the screw holes on the first piece to mark the locations of the screw holes on the second piece.

Now these angle irons were a little bit rusty so I used an orbital sander to sand off the rust I also drilled holes on the other side of the angle iron I then wipe them down with some oil so that they wouldn’t form new breasts.I didn’t clamp the angle irons in place and screwed them to the wooden table top next I screwed the pipe legs to the underside of the table and then switched out the cutting blade on my angle grinder to a flat disk.

With 40 grit paper the angle grinder is a really great way to grind down the metal so that it’s flush with the wood I also used the angle grinder to grind down the heads of the screws so that they’re flush with the metal.

I did a little more finish sanding with 220 grit on my orbital sander and then finish the table with a coat of Danish Oil the table looks great but it was a little bit too high for what I wanted, so I switched out the legs with some shorter pieces.

Steel Pipe Coffee Table video

Credits to: Home Made Modern

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