KISAE 40402 1800-Watt Power Kit

Nature Power Solar Home and RV Power Kit is a complete portable power system delivering up to 1800-Watt of AC power across 4 outlets in the event of power outages or for your portable power needs. In the event of power outages an internal transfer switch ensures that when the rechargeable power supply is plugged into the wall up to four dedicated loads will run without interruption by switching to battery power.

By including a solar panel (sold separately) if the power is down for an extended period of time the battery power may be recharged independently with a solar panel of a max of 130W. For portable power the rechargeable power supply can be charged at home and brought on the road to supply power or used as independent power by being permanently installed and recharging solely through a solar panel (sold separately).

This rechargeable power supply comprises of a 60-Amp hour battery, an 1800-Watt MSW inverter with 4 AC receptacles, an 8-Amp solar charger, a 5-Amp AC charger and a transfer switch, all housed within a user friendly housing.

Compatible with any Nature Power Monocrystalline Solar Panel, which purchased separately can be added for independent power.

The Solar Home and RV Power Kit includes 35 feet of cabling for connecting an optional solar panel. The Solar Home and RV Power Kit is modular and can be expanded to add Auxiliary Batteries (sold separately) and up to 130-Watt of solar power (sold separately) per auxiliary battery.

The Solar Home and RV Power Kit runs silently and without fumes or fuel.

Our plug and play design ensures that set up can take place in about an hour; it is a Do It Yourself project with no electrician or contracted work required.

Nature Power Products Solar Home and RV Power Kit can provide peace of mind at home, in your RV, at the cabin, and during storm season.


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