I’m Hungry, What Should I Eat? Get The Answer Here

“I’m Hungry, What Should I Eat?” You Ask? Get Suggestions Here.

“I’m hungry, what should I eat?” is a question asked by many, and I intend to answer it.

Sometimes we’re hungry and just have no idea what we want. Nothing sounds good, we are tired of the same thing, and we are too hungry to think or what to fix. I know I’ve been in that situation, and I have created this page for others with the same problem

Whether you’re looking for a late night snack or a new recipe to try, you’ll find something to try below. There are also some fun ways to decide what to eat!

Fun Stuff For Finding What To Eat

food pyramid

This section features fun ways to find out what you should eat.

Sometimes we just google things like “I’m hungry” or “what should I eat” because we’re bored (and probably hungry). These are some fun things to amuse you as well as help you decide what to eat.

Wheel O Food
A wheel to spin to see what to eat.
The What-Do-You-Want-For-Dinner I-Don’t-Know-What-Do-You-Want? Dialog Generator.
Are you and a friend trying to decide what to eat?
What should you eat right now? Quiz
Find out what the quiz says you should eat
What should you eat for breakfast edition
Need breakfast, don’t know what to eat?
The Not My Desk New Food Dire Warning And/Or Healthful Revelation Generator
This can be hilarious. click it a few times!
What Should I Eat Fast Fod Flow Chart
A flow chart for choosing what fast food to eat.
What Should I Eat Cereal Flow Chart
A flow chart for choosing a cereal to eat.
What Should I Eat Chain Restaurant Flow Chart
A flow chart for choosing a restaurant.

Weird Recipes To Try


Sometimes trying weird recipes is a lot of fun and you may even find something you want to eat over and over again.
Peeps Pizza (Peepza)
Happy Easter!
Bert Christensen’s Weird & Different Recipes
A list of weird recipes to try!
Green Eggs And Ham
On this page there’s green eggs for dr suess day made out of pudding and vanilla wafers. 🙂

Quick And Easy Snacks

What are your favorites?

At my house cheese toast and fresh fruit are favorite snacks for everyone. What are your favorites?
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