Fuel 3D SCANIFY Handheld 3D Scanner

The Fuel3D handheld scanner is a point-and-shoot 3D imaging system that captures high resolution (350 microns) shape and color information of objects.

Fuel3D is the world’s first 3D scanner to combine pre-calibrated stereo cameras with photometric imaging to capture and process files in seconds.

The Fuel3D scanner works in much the same way as a normal digital camera literally point and shoot.

★The world’s first scanner to combine pre-calibrated stereo cameras with photometric imaging.
★Captures an accurate scan from a single point-of-view in 0.1 of a second. The Studio software provides the ability to stitch multiple scans together.
★Capture amazing 3D models for one tenth of the cost of a comparable scanner
★Get detail and color capture that you’d expect from an industry leading scanner
★Fuel3D is a handheld camera unit which connects to your PC via a USB connection and a separate power source.


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