Frucosol F50A Automated Orange & Citrus Juicer

The Frucosol F-50-A commercial orange juicer is an efficient, reliable and stunningly designed machine. It gives a high yield of juice per fruit by only pressing the inside of the fruit. The pulp, pits, and peel are left behind so that the juice is non-bitter and smooth tasting. Also, the flavor of the juice is not affected by the oils and acidity contained in the peel.

The Frucosol F-50-A is completely automatic and easy to use. Also, cleaning after use is a breeze. Dismantling, rinsing and reassembling the parts that come into contact with the juice is incredibly quick and uncomplicated.

How It Works: These systems are unique throughout the world. Two cups gather the fruit, which is cleanly cut by a blade and divided into two halves. The juice is then extracted from both halves of the fruit by pressing.

Only the inside of the fruit is pressed and the juice does not come into contact with the peel, while the pulp remains in the shell. The result is that the flavor of the juice is not affected by the oils and acidity contained in the peel.

Features: Fully Automatic with hopper capacity of 60 oranges Commercial Quality Production: 20-25 Fruits /minute Fruit Size – Diameter 2¼” through 3¼” Produces approximately 30 gallons in 1 hour Entertains Your Customers Fruit Diameter: All sizes up to 3 inches High Volume Juice Sales Easy to Clean Automatic sensor shut off


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