Forney 319 270-Amp MIG Welder

The Forney 319 MIG Welder, 230 volt, CV/DC, 1-phase with 270 amp maximum output is a versatile machine for light industrial, repair shops, farms, automotive, and general fabrication. This machine is MIG ready with regulator and gas hose. This machine is a multi step transformer based type welder with ten taps. Welding processes are MIG (GMAW) and Flux Cored (FCAW).

The Forney 270 MIG is a new machine for Forney and offers quality features like spool gun capability, quick “euro” disconnect torch, longer gun/torch with common consumables, extra long power cord, HD cast aluminum feed/drive system with geared idler and drive rolls, multiple trigger modes and high output and duty cycle with a full size cabinet.

This machine has a digital readout and multiple trigger modes for spot welding. 2T for normal trigger pull on/off and 4T for sustained long welds. The quality, performance, and value of this machine will impress. Forney Industries is one of America’s longest operating family-owned metal working product companies. Founded in 1932, Forney offers more than 5,000 products for the hardware, automotive, farm & ranch and do-it-yourself markets.

For more information, visit If you’ve got metal working questions, we’ve got answers. We’re committed to your success regardless of location size or needs. Please contact our team at 10 foot (3.04m) MIG gun/torch. 15 foot (4.5m) power cord. Input power is 230V, CV/DC, 1-phase. Maximum amp output is 270 amps. Acceptable spool sizes are 4″, 8″ and 12″. Acceptable wire diameters are up to .045″. The weight is 240 Lbs. Standard U.S. gas hose set up.

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