Fluke 820-2 LED Stroboscope

Identifying the running speed of rotating equipment can be difficult, but the Fluke 820-2 LED Stroboscope simplifies the process allowing you to perform stop motion diagnostics without actually stopping, or making contact, with the machine you are working on.

Whether you are trying to diagnose parasitic oscillations, slippage, or unwanted distortions, the 820-2 LED Stroboscope is the ideal frontline troubleshooting, process or product research and development tool.


★ Quickly get an in-focus image with point and shoot technology

★ Quality images – 160×120 resolution (19,200 pixels)

★ Temperature measurement range -20 °C to 350 °C (-4 °F to 662 °F)

★ Find problems fast with exclusive IR-Fusion Blending and PIP mode – capture the details you need to analyze problems and clearly identify the location

★ 5 megapixel industrial performance digital camera



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