eQUALITY TECH Rexcan CS+ 2.0 MP 400mm FOV Blue LED Structured Light 3D Scanner

The Rexcan CS+ line of scanners sets new standards for accurately capturing physical objects and bringing them into a digital environment. This enables customers to speed product development, create endless customization, establish virtual warehouses, and ensure quality throughout the product lifecycle.

The Rexcan CS+ is fully automated and integrates a turntable with four degrees of freedom for simpler set-up and more comprehensive data acquisition. The unique turntable eliminates scan targets and allows users to reorient a part by simply clicking on the computer screen – no need to physically move the part, turntable or scanner.

Rexcan CS+ is offered with the full support of eQuality Tech, whose founders have more than 15 years of experience in implementing 3D scanning solutions for automotive, aerospace, military and consumer products.

Eliminating targets, streamlining scanning with the four-way turntable, and comprehensive automation in Rexcan CS+ can reduce data acquisition and processing time by 50 percent.

The unprecedented automation, flexibility, accuracy and simplicity of the Rexcan CS+ line is available at half the price of other structured-light 3D scanning solutions.

Product features
★Fully automatic scanning and synchronization of model and camera views at the click of a button.

★Integrated turntable with four degrees of freedom for simpler set-up and more comprehensive data acquisition.

★Accurate alignment without targets or manual registration.

★Flexible scanning path generation for repeat data collection and varying object sizes and shapes.

★Easily detachable scanner sensor for capturing larger and heavier objects.


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