DiabloSport I1000-DCX Gas Programmer

The DiabloSport inTune DCX edition flash tuner adds about 15 horsepower/15 torque lets you take control of your vehicle’s computer and harness your rides maximum power. Installation is as easy as plugging it in to the OBD-II port on a supported vehicle and following the prompts on screen to install a pre-loaded performance tune.

inTune DCX will allow users to further manipulate the program in their vehicle’s ECU to calibrate the speedometer, raise speed limits or rev limits, modify spark and fueling options and much more.

Firmware updates for the inTune DCX will be available as a free automatic download when plugged in to any PC with USB and an internet connection.

Updates are also available through drag and drop installation on Macintosh OSX computers. inTune supports a wide range of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and RAM applications.

★ Color touch screen
★ USB updates
★ Lightweight design
★ Preloaded performance and economy tunes
★ Modifies the tune and accepts custom tunes



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