Compex Sport Elite Matte Black Muscle Stimulator Bundle Kit

The Compex Sport Elite Muscle Stimulator Kit is recommended for the competitive, high performance athlete who has a rigorous training and exercise regimen. It features a total of 9 programs to help competitive athletes achieve the highest level of performance. The Endurance Program helps you cope with long-duration aerobic activities and increases muscle resistance to fatigue by building slow-twitch muscle fibers.

The Resistance Program is an all-around program for endurance and strength, building both slow and fast-twitch muscle fibers. The Strength Program increases sheer muscle strength better than conventional weight lifting alone, with less risk of muscle-tendon injury. The Explosive Strength Program is for developing short bursts of power without the traumatic or violent movements associated with conventional training.

The Potentiation Program warms up muscle faster without psychological, muscular or cardiovascular fatigue. The Active Recovery Program facilitates relaxation of muscles and reduces muscle soreness and stiffness following competition or demanding workouts. The Recovery Plus Program does not contract the muscle.

It helps clear lactic acid and increase blood flow at lower frequencies; perfect for muscles that are fatigued after a vigorous workout or competition. The Pre-Warm Up Program does not contract the muscle. It runs at a frequency specifically targeted to increase blood flow to oxygenate the muscles prior to a workout or competition.

With the Massage Program, electrostimulation develops the blood capillary network of the exposed muscles. This improves irrigation and oxygenation. The Compex Sport Elite Muscle Stimulator kit includes a carrying case, battery charger, CD with user manual, electrode placement guidebook, and one set of 4 Easy Snap Electrode lead wires.

This kit also includes 8 of the 2″ x 2″ Easy Snap Performance Electrodes and 4 of the 2″ x 4″ Easy Snap Performance Electrodes. Electrodes are the points where the pulses are transmitted to your motor nerves, and ultimately your muscle fibers.

They play a big part in the Compex muscle stimulation session, allowing you to work your muscle at peak effectiveness. Each Compex Easy Snap Performance Electrode is coated with a strong medical-grade adhesive, developed to stick to your skin.

When used in normal circumstances, each electrode should last 15 to 20 sessions.



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