The Right Hiking Boot for You

Hiking Boot Selection

hiking BootA hiking boot for backpacking is different than boots for day hikes.The proper boot will ensure a great and comfortable hiking experience.Ill fitting boots could turn your camping trip into a horrible experience, not to mention the probably blisters.

Even long distance walkers are now wearing a hiking boot.Many people have also found that boots are not the best footwear for getting around town. Hiking shoes would be better when shopping or finding the restaurant for you.

A hiking boot’s weight increases the overall load on your body.Each pound the boot adds to your feet is comparable to carrying an extra 5 pounds on your back.Whether you are looking for womens hiking boots or man hiking boots, this extra weight will probably have an impact when hiking long distances.

A hiking boot can be placed into two categories, one of which is for day hiking, or just touring the town, and the other is for backpacking.The proper selection really does make a huge difference. Coupled with the correct hiking boots is the right pair of socks.

A hiking boot for day hikes should be worn with a medium weight pair of socks.This is because boots for day hiking are manufactured to be lighter than those made for backpacking.The heavier backpacking boots, designed for carrying a heavy load when backpacking, need to be worn with heavier weight socks or even two pairs of lighter socks.

A hiking boot even has socks specifically made for the type of boots you are wearing.These are different than regular socks for your street shoes.They have a lot more padding that provides a cushion between those tender feet and the boot.Hiking socks are designed to reduce the amount of moisture directly on your feet, which obviously helps to keep them dry.Keep the thicker hiking socks in mind when you purchase hiking boots.

Breaking in Your Hiking Boot

Choosing hiking BootsA hiking boot should go through a slow break-in period before you head to the backcountry.Like with any pair of quality shoes, start wearing them for short periods of time on level and flat surfaces.Gradually increase the time they are worn and the ruggedness and incline of the terrain.It does not take very long before these boots will conform to your feet.

Waterproof Boots

Depending on the type of hiking boot – winter boots or cold weather boots, snowmobile boots, womens winter boots or womens snow boots – they all need to be waterproof.When tracking around on a backpacking trip, it is guaranteed that you will come head-on into water, and we all know that snow melts.Your feet will get wet.

Waterproof boots are either manufactured that way or you can make them waterproof.Leather boots can be given waterproofing treatments with beeswax, mink oil, silicone or other topical gels and compounds.This will help lubricate the hiking boot and provide some help repelling water.Leather boots should also be cleaned every once in a while with good ole saddle soap.

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