Canvas Drop Cloth in Home Decor

Decorate a Home with Canvas Drop Cloth

canvas drop cloth pillowCanvas drop cloth or painters drop cloth as it is more commonly called, is versatile and inexpensive to use in home decor.If you like the no-fuss clean look of muslin or natural linen, you’ll probably enjoy decorating with canvas drop cloth.

Canvas drop cloth can be purchased in many different sizes.Color can also be added by dying the fabric if you prefer.I’ve used canvas drop cloths in several home decor projects and am inspired all the time by how truly accomodating this product is.


The smallest piece of canvas drop cloth 

I purchased was 4 ft x 5 ft. I used the fabric to make several throw pillows for myself and as gifts. Canvas drop cloth is a great fabric choice and is often mistaken for linen.

More info on making a pillow similar to the one shown can be found here.

Canvas Drop Cloth Curtains

Canvas drop cloth curtains like these are a very affordable no-brainer in home decor. Two 9 ft x 12 ft drop cloths were used in this window treatment.They were simply folded over in half from the center seam to create a curtain panel 9 ft wide x 6 ft. tall.

Simple curtain clips were added at top to complete.(I was able to take advantage of the finished hems which made this a no-sew diy project).

Curtain Clips and Curtain Rings

Take your pick! Curtain rings and clips make dressing your windows even easier and they look stylish too.

Windows Curtain Clips and Curtain Rings

Slipcover Furniture with Canvas Drop Cloth

Canvas Drop Cloth funitureCanvas Drop Cloth SlipcoverI used a 6 ft x 9 ft canvas drop cloth to slipcover this side chair.Sometimes I like it to look very fitted and other times I prefer the more casual look that is pictured.
For the fitted style slipcover, I use twist pins and some great tips found here. (Yes, it does involve wooden spoons.)

Canvas Drop Cloth Bed Skirt

Drop Cloth Bed SkirtCanvas Drop Cloth Bed SkirtWe needed an extra long bed skirt to cover the bed risers used to create extra storage space in our bedroom. I made this extra-tall tailored bed skirt out of one canvas drop cloth. It was very affordable, really easy to do and I think it looks great.

Making Home Decor with Canvas Drop Cloth

a few tips! Sewing Canvas Drop Cloth

  1. Always match the sewing machine needle to the fabric being sewn.When using heavy weight fabrics such as canvas drop cloth, a size 18 needle is recommended.
  2. Regular Point Machine Needles-Size 18 3/Pkg
  3. Use a quality pair of pinking shears to finish seams if needed.
  4. Fiskars 9-Inch Pinking Shears
  5. Prewash the canvas drop cloth before use in case of shrinkage. When using for no-sew window treatments, remove curtain panels before fully dry and hang immediately to allow for less wrinkling.

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