Camping Trailer Buying Guide

A Guide For Choosing & Buying A Camping Trailer?

If you are thinking about finding a brand new camping trailer then it is prudent to bear in mind a number of different things before buying.Arguably, price is the most important consideration.Money available is the main thing as to whether you can splash out on a camper trailer directly from the dealership or if you have to buy a used unit.The crucial thing is to not overstretch your funds.Prices can start from roughly £1500(in uk) for a brand new run of the mill 2 person camping trailer to as much as £8000 for a bigger eight berth unit.

What Is A Camping Trailer Actually?

A travel trailer, camper trailer or caravan is towed behind a road vehicle to provide a place to sleep which is more comfortable and protected than a tent (although there are fold-down trailer tents). wikipedia

Camping Trailer

Below, we’ll list a few types of pull-behind camping trailers.Remember, it’s important to make sure you have a vehicle with the proper towing equipment required to pull these camping trailers.You don’t want to spend all your money on a camping trailer only to discover that your vehicle isn’t powerful enough or able to pull the trailer safely.

>> The Necessities of Driving <<

5th Wheel Camping Trailer

5th Wheel Camping Trailer

5th wheel camping trailers are named after the way they’re attached to your truck.As you can see in the picture, they have a unique design that usually features a bed over the area where the trailer hooks up to the truck.The biggest advantage of a 5th wheel camping trailer is in the way it pulls. If you think about it, 18 wheel truck and trailers are pulled the same way.

This is for a reason they’re easier to pull and navigate in more challenging spaces.5th wheel camping trailers can also be larger and weight more.As opposed to a bumper pull trailer a 5th wheel trailer is designed to place the campers weight directly over the rear axle of your truck providing a much more stable ride.

Advantages of the 5th wheel camping trailer:

  • Superior towing configuration.
  • Lots of room for your camping stuff.


  • Usually cost more than other camping trailers.
  • 5th wheel towing configuration takes up inside trailer space.
  • Usually need a heavy duty truck to pull these.
  • Need a 5th wheel towing hitch in the bed of your truck which costs extra money.

A Look Inside

5th Wheel Camping Trailer inside view

This is what the inside of some 5th wheel camping trailers looks like.Looks nicer than many homes, doesn’t it?

Pop Up Camping Trailer

Pop Up Camping Trailer

Pop up camping trailers receive their name from the way you set them up.They actually pop up when you set them up.Usually driven by a motor or hand crank, the top of the camper rises and when all the way up takes the form of a full sized camping trailer.When you’re finished camping, you simply fold the trailer back together and lower the top.

Advantages of the pop up camping trailer:

  • Less weight and easier to pull. You shouldn’t need as big a vehicle to pull a pop up camping trailer.
  • Usually less expensive than traditional camping trailers.
  • Smaller when folded up and easier to store when it’s sitting at home.


  • Not as sturdy as a traditional camping trailer.
  • If you don’t fold them up properly, or fold them up wet, you can easily ruin them.
  • You can’t take as much stuff in your camper. (chair, tv, etc.) When folded up, the pop up doesn’t allow much room for extras.

Pop Up Camping Trailer – Inside Look

pop up camping trailer inside

This is the inside view of a pop up camping trailer when it’s all set up (or popped up).I was amazed at the amount of room available in these when they’re all set up.

Basic Bumper Pull Camping Trailer

Basic Bumper Pull Camping Trailer

The basic bumper pull camping trailer (also known as a travel trailer) is similar in almost all respects to the 5th wheel camping trailer except it’s pulled from the bumper of your vehicle rather than the 5th wheel arrangement.The biggest advantage to the bumper pull trailer vs the 5th wheel trailer is that you don’t lose trailer space required for a 5th wheel configuration.

Basic bumper pull camping trailer advantages:

  • Larger interior space.
  • No need for an expensive 5th wheel towing setup on your vehicle.
  • Usually a little less expensive than a 5th wheel trailer.
  • Setup time is minimal.


  • Doesn’t pull as well as a 5th wheel camping trailer because all the weight is on the bumper of the vehicle.

Basic Bumper Pull Travel Trailer – Inside Look

Basic Bumper Pull Camping Trailer inside viewThis is the inside view of a basic bumper pull camping trailer (or travel trailer).As you can see, it’s not much different inside than a 5th wheel camping trailer.Probably, the only major difference is that you won’t see the inside space that is over the 5th wheel towing equipment.

Some Other Tips

RV Living full time can be challenging at time but very rewarding.When you travel the Country, you have to plan for things breaking down.Since we have been full time for the past 14 months, we have gone through a power converter, leaf spring suspension, an AC, and a toilet.Part of this problem was due to over use or the devices not being able to stand up to living demands.

The power converter had a fan problem, so it could not cool the unit properly.This was a poor design since the fan could not be replaced and the entire unit needed to be thrown out and a new one installed.The leaf spring issue was due to overloading the RV with all of our stuff.We replaced the 3 leaf system with a 4 leaf system.We also replaced our tires with 10 ply from the original 8 ply.I would recommend this due to the weight you will be adding to your vehicle.

camping trailer air conditionerThe AC went out due to an accident we had, but we replaced the AC from a 13.5K unit to a 15K unit with a heat pump.I can’t even express how much we save now on propane!The toilet that was installed was a plastic toilet and there was nothing wrong with it, but we wanted a ceramic toilet.This makes cleaning much easier and keeps the toilet looking new all the time.

Not to mention, the new one has a hand wand to help clean the toilet when certain things stick to the bottom of the bowl.The bottom line is, make sure your RV is ready to handle the living demands that you will put on it.It pays to replace parts before things break so that you can avoid other things breaking from the cause of a failure.

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