Antique Glassware Collecting Ideas

Know Your Antique Glassware

If you want to find & collect genuine antique glassware as your new hobbies, then it is important to make sure that you know what you are collecting and can determine genuine from reproduction antiques.One way to learn about collecting antique glassware is to study the excellent antique glassware guides by author Gene Florence.

Gene Florence is the author of the best antique glassware guides in the industry.He is an expert on antique glassware companies, patterns, colors, and styles.Any of his books is a great place to start your collection.Gene Florence has been a collector of interesting things since his boyhood in Lexington, Kentucky.

He taught school for nine years, then turned his career into pursuing his interest in Depression glassware.His first book was published in 1972, and later opening his own Grannie Bear Antique Shop in 1976 which specialized in Depression glassware. He has now written over 80 books on collectibles including numerous books on Depression glassware.

Learn About Antique Glassware Companies

There are many collectible antique glassware companies that produced interesting and unique handmade glassware. One of the most collected is Depression glassware.If you are a collector, study the company or style that you are interested in before you start buying.Consult other collectors, and antique shops that have an excellent reputation to learn about the glassware that you want to collect.

The most avid collectible antique glassware types often have collector organizations that can help you learn the ins and outs of collecting that particular type of glass.Some of the companies have museums with samples of their glassware.

Collecting Antique Glass Candlesticks

Antique Glass CandlesticksOne of the most popular antique glassware items to collect is pairs of candlesticks.Candlesticks are elegant reminders of dinner parties, table settings, and lifestyles that have mostly gone the way of all formal occasions.Nowadays, most people do not have the income to live that way, or they don’t want to be bothered to formally set their table on a regular basis.

Candlesticks are also smaller and take up less space than larger items, so collectors who have less space to store their collections can still make room for candlesticks.There many beautiful sets of glass candlesticks available for collectors. Styles and colors abound so your choice is broad.Before you buy, make sure that the seller has proof of authenticity.

Collecting Antique Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers

Antique Glass Salt and Pepper ShakersSalt and pepper shakers are my favorite antique glassware item to collect.The reason is that they can be really fun and different in how they look, as well as the fact that they are small and don’t take up much room.

I love the colors and reflective qualities of all types of glass, and antique glassware has colors and patterns that cannot be made today.It is also possible to find salt and pepper shaker sets that do not break the bank to buy, and at least for now, that limits my own personal collecting.Gene Florence has a wonderful book about salt and pepper shakers which includes Depression glass but also many other types of collectible glass salt and pepper shaker sets.

Collecting Antique Glass Vases

Antique glassware vases are another popular item to collect, especially since they are very useful even today.There is nothing that brightens up a room more than a beautiful vase filled with colorful fresh flowers.

Antique Glass VasesThere are so many styles of antique glass vases to choose from to collect.The vase pictured above is from the 1950’s made by the Jeannette Glass Company, but it is only one of many.I am partial to Depression glassware but there are many other eras of antique glassware that are just as enticing.

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