8 Steps to Filling Out a Weather or Vandalism Auto Claim Form

Steps to Filling Out a Weather/Vandalism Auto Claim

Vandalism Auto ClaimStep One: Call the Police.If the damage is done by a vandal, call the police for a police report on damages done.Vandal damages are often covered under your insurance.You will need a police report to file with a vandal related incident.

Step Two: Take Pictures.Take pictures, and you should take several pictures whether it’s a weather or vandalism related incident.Although most insurance companies will send out an adjuster, especially to your home, the pictures you take yourself will help you in the event there are questions that come up later.

Step Three: The Location the Occurrence Occurred. Example: A spring storm comes through your area and you are not at home.Your car is parked in a parking lot detailed.A handwritten location and map of where your car was parked will be needed for information of where the weather related even occurred.Again, this is where taking pictures yourself comes in. If your car is drivable and you want to go home due to the hour of the day and such, this will allow you to file in the next 24-hours.

Be sure to have the address of the location where damage was done to your vehicle.

Step Four: Contact your Insurance Promptly.Depending on your insurance company and the time of day, you may get prompter service if they have 24- hour claim adjusters.Your insurance card should have their toll-free number located somewhere on the card. The number is usually on the back with the instructions on how to file.You can also find out what other information you may need to fill out the claim form and send it in.

NOTE: In cases of incidents happening in a parking lot, the business you are visiting often won’t help you with information or as a part of paying for damages. The same goes for the owner of the lot and buildings. They often have no-pay clauses written into their policies for accidents and incidents in the parking lot.

TIP: Check how much the deductible is for any repairs.Example: If vandals break out the windows on your vehicle, call for an estimate from an auto glass company and compare to your deductible.

Step Five: Getting the Repairs Done.When it comes to the repairs, this all will depend on how much damage is done from vandals or the weather.When your insurance company approves a repair shop for repairs, you will have to use their shop.

TIP: If the repairs are less than the deductible, it would be cheaper to pay out of pocket, rather than submitting a claim. You may need that claim for a later date because some insurance companies will drop you due to too many claims.

Step Six: Equals to or More than the Deductible.If any of your damages are equal to or more than the deductible on your auto insurance, fill out the auto claim form and send it in.You will need to go through the same steps as an auto accident claim form.

Step Seven: Talking to a Representative.This is all standard when filing any claim form.As they have to make sure they have their i’ s dotted and t’s crossed before the claim will go forward.

Step Eight: The Claims Adjuster.You will see and hear from a claim’s adjuster when you file the claim because the insurance company will need to know how much the repairs or replacement of your vehicle will be.

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