Lawn care – 5 Ways to Keep Your Lawn Perfect in Summer

Lawn Care

Lawn care during the blazing summer days may be a tad bit tiring, but not altogether difficult to do if you know a few basics.Many people give up on their garden during the summer because they find it too hot and tiring to maintain a perfect it.Here are some essentials tips to help you out in maintaining your lawn during summer.

1. Proper Water Routine

People think summer calls for intensive watering routine; however, that is hardly the case.Do not overwater and don’t do it on a daily basis.Water once after every two days, but water the plants deeply and make sure you maintain this routine regularly so that the grass may remain moist instead of dry and harsh.Excess watering builds up a thick layer of tangled roots preventing water to actually go down deep into the roots.

2. Mow Frequently

Mow FrequentlyDon’t be lazy when it comes to mowing.With the latest noise free, pollution free mowers now available, mowing should be an easy activity.Keep a scheduled routine and mow it every time it grows thick.

This will also help keep out weeds while removing sharp grass blades.The mower’s blade should be sharp too so that you can easily trim it neatly.However if you are unable to do so, you can always hire professional help.


3. Over Fertilizing the Soil

Synthetic fertilizers if used excessively will actually kill your garden, rather than fertilize it.There are some organic fertilizers available that are usually made up of manure, blood and bone meal.These can be applied during spring and in fall and will help grass remain fertilized through the months of summer.However, it is still recommended that you do not overuse them and instead apply it only once or twice a year.

4. Using Harsh Pesticides

Don’t use excessive pesticides as they tend to burn away the grass rather than killing pests effectively.Usually pesticides are used only after consultation from an expert.Do not use them without prior research as there are also different kinds of pesticides meant for different types of plants.Get professional help and hire an expert to do this.

5. Keep Your Lawn Clean

Try keeping your garden clean and make sure it is free from all kinds of insect swarms that can lead to dangerous bites and infestations. Hiring professional services is the best option.That way you don’t have to toil away yourself and still have a perfect garden at an affordable price.

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