3 Hole Washer Game – Horseshoes Pitching Toss

3 Hole Washer Game Set (Includes 6 Washers). These professional-quality Boxes have our fancy Rebel wood finish and gray carpet. Each Box measures 48in by 16in by 3in and the washers are 2.5in in diameter. A set includes two Boxes, 6 powder-coated washers (durable, not painted!) and a measuring rope. These boards are of great quality and include some nice add-ons that other boards don’t have. Pick the color of your washers, leave us a note at checkout for the colors ·

Includes 2 Wooden Boxes and 6 washers and measuring rope.Made from high-quality marine-grade 100% real Baltic birch plywood.Holes have nets to hold washers.Easy to transport because both boards buckle together and both have handles. Not heavy, yet super durable construction.Pro-quality. Rubber Feet.Small storage size.Perfect for the whole family, camping, picnics, outdoor, indoor. · Rebel Finish with gray carpet.10 washer colors to choose from.

★ Comes with 6 powder-coated washers
★ Portable, both boards attach together for easy transportation
★ Very durable, highly moisture resistant marine-grade Baltic birch plywood
★ Holes have nets to hold washers
★ Includes measuring rope to distance boxes properly

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