16 Secrets to a Longer Life

Everyone Wants to Live a Full and Healthy Life…But How?

Lately I’ve been seriously contemplating my life including accomplishments, failures, and dreams not yet fulfilled. In about 2 1/2 years, I’m going to be 40 and I realized that the number 40 basically puts me in the center of my life. I’ve lived almost 40 years, which means…hopefully…I’ve got 40 more to go.

This concept got me thinking about how quickly life can pass and how easily we take those years for granted. I mean…I let 40 years pass me by without even considering how I lived those precious years.

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So now, it’s time for me to be the best “me” I possibly can…so that I can secure another 40 years of my life.That isn’t going to happen, however, if I don’t make a few important changes including a healthier lifestyle full of exercise, eating well, managing stress, and just generally taking better care of myself.
This post is dedicated to anyone who wishes to live a longer, more healthy and happier life.It is possible to make changes now…even though you may have already lived your life in a way you might not view as positive.Try these 20 steps for living a longer life and see if it doesn’t make a difference in how you feel, behave, and look upon all you have.

Ways to Live Longer (1-5)

#1 – Laughter is the best medicine!
Ways to Live LongerLaughing is great exercise for your body as each 100-200 laughs is comparable to 10 minutes of jogging. Laughter also puts you in a positive mood and makes your body feel great! Your high spirits will lower the levels of stress and increase the body’s natural defense mechanisms against illness.

#2 – Sleep Less..yes, less
New studies have found that people who sleep more than eight hours a night may actually be reducing their life expectancy. Those who sleep longer tend to feel more groggy, depressed, and even stressed. Aim to get anywhere between 6-7 hours instead. This amount will make you feel just rested enough, but not put your body in to “slug” mode.

#3 – Live in the Present
Enjoying life in the “now” will make you appreciate the time you are spending rather than constantly rushing time to a future experience. People who live in the present are happier people, less concerned with what will happen and more excited about what is happening. Hurrying time because you want to get to a certain life destination will only make life pass you by quicker.

#4 – Have One or Two Good Solid Relationships
Most people have one or two close friends. Some people have many different relationships. Both are good, but holding one or two close relationships that are dear to you is recommended for longer living.Everyone needs someone to talk to, to vent to, to find love and support in.Establishing a couple good relationships in better in the long run because most acquaintances will run in and out of your life, while the important people always stay true no matter what.

#5 – Get Out and Exercise!
It’s no secret that exercise makes you feel better both physically and emotionally, but many people think exercise is redundant and boring.First off, you don’t have to do a rigorous workout to reap the benefits of exercise…just walking for fun will do. Secondly, exercise doesn’t have to be dull.

Find a good (or a few good) workout partners who love to do different things. Any exercise is good for you so don’t be concerned with starting a major workout regimen…you’ll only give up and quit if you’re not enthusiastic about the exercise you choose.


Does Exercise Make a Difference in Your Length of Life Expectancy?

Many people believe that exercise keeps you healthy and strong. However, I personally know people who rarely ever exercised and yet lived to the ripe old age of 80 or more. I too have known people who were avid workout fanatics and still fell ill at a younger age. So what’s your take on exercise and life expectancy?

Do you believe that exercise leads to a longer life?

Ways to Live Longer (6-10)

#6 – Eat Healthy
guy with longer lifeWe all know that eating healthy is good for you, therefore leading to a longer life. But did you know that any eating habit changes are beneficial? Simply cutting out pop or coffee from your diet can make a world of difference.
Just because you’d like to live longer, doesn’t mean you have to become a vegetarian or get rid of ALL the things you love. Making simple little dietary changes can add years to your life.

#7 – Enjoy Your Work
This is a tough one for many. A lot of people don’t love their jobs and may even despise what they do, where they work, or loathe those they work with. However, it’s important to keep a positive outlook while at your job and to try to find the good things about what you do.

The truth is, we spend a good majority of our lives at work…some more than at home. If you aren’t enjoying your job, you’re likely to be more stressed and unhappy. If it’s just not possible to enjoy what you do…start looking for something else. What’s the point of hating your job and dreading each work day when there is so much more to life?

#8 – Treat People with Kindness
Being kind to others isn’t always easy, especially when others aren’t always nice to you.But treating people well will help you to feel good about yourself and in turn create a less stressed, happier you.Have you noticed that people who are always bitter and angry don’t wear their features well? They constantly have a wrinkled scowl and you just know they don’t feel very well physically and emotionally. Do you want to be like that?

#9 – Have a Healthy Sex Life
Couples and even singles, who have sex often, are generally happy people. Not only is sex good for your psyche, but it also increases endorphins in the body that lead to an overall physical well-being.People who have a healthy sex life hold better relationships, are more positive, more motivated, and feel good about themselves.So why not enjoy sex? It’s pleasurable and it helps you to life longer…there’s no negative at all as far as I can see.

#10 – Own a Pet
People who have pets generally live longer than people who don’t. Pets are wonderful companions that help us to reduce our stress levels. Imagine after a long day of work you come home and you’ve always got someone who loves you completely to greet you at the door. What could be better for promoting a positive emotional state?

Ways to Live Longer (11-13)

#11 – Be Positive
Being a positive person will help you to live longer by reducing stress and creating happiness in your life. Even if you aren’t normally a positive person, it’s easy to fake happiness. Simply think of things that make you feel happy and keep that feeling with you all day long. Everyone has something that makes them smile. Using these mental images will help you to be positive and therefore in a genuinely happier mood.
#12 – Have Lots of Children
Those that have and raise large families actually live longer. While many may think that more kids brings more stress, the opposite is in fact true.People who have more than one children tend to live longer because they have more contact with those they love and who love them back.Children bring more joy to our lives than any other persons. Even having one child will increase your chances of living longer than those who have none.
#13 – Choose a Hobby You Love
Hobbies are a great way to keep busy doing something you enjoy.When you get involved in a hobby, you do an activity that’s strictly for “you”. Think of it as a positively selfish endeavor…one that makes it okay to think of yourself first. Hobbies can help you live longer because they lower stress levels by giving you an outlet for creativity and “me” time.Smoking, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, high caffeine use, and other types of substance abuse can greatly reduce your chances of living a long and healthy life. In fact, smoking alone is said to take years off your life. Quitting these addictions now can increase your chances of living longer as well as helping you to feel better emotionally.

Develop a Positive Attitude and Live Longer

Everyone has a different perception on what it means to live a longer life. I have friends who want to live as long as possible. Then I have others who don’t want to live until their 90’s because they believe such old age makes living difficult and uncomfortable. I personally want to live life to fullest for as long as I can. What’s your preference?

Ways to Live Longer (14-16)

#14 – Munch on Nuts
Munch on NutsMany people know that nuts are healthy for you, but did you also know they can add longevity to your life? Because nuts are high in monounsaturated fats and protein, they help keep your arteries clean and your stomach full. Almonds and walnuts are especially good for you because they offer vitamin E, magnesium, and heart-healthy omega-3s.
#15 – Surround Yourself with Friends and Family
Spending time with loved ones is a great way to stay positive and happy. When you are in an optimistic state of mind, your chances of living longer are greatly increased. Being around people you love also keeps you emotionally healthy, allowing you to vent when needed and to share joyous moments with people who adore you in return.
#16 – Sharpen Your Brain
Keeping your brain working is one way to live a longer life. People who entertain themselves with games, crossword puzzles, reading books, and writing are more likely to stay mentally sharp and therefore healthy. It’s also known that people who keep their brains working have a far less chance of developing Alzheimers later in life. So why not pick up a good book or do a crossword in the morning during breakfast?
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